By Joe Cingrana

Back in July of 2017 Seattle rapper Macklemore and his young nephews were involved in a harrowing head-on collision with a suspected drunk driver.

Dramatic photos of his trashed Mercedes-Maybach and the pickup truck that hit him have recently surfaced, giving fans a look at just how close the passengers came to serious injury. The driver of the other vehicle involved, Macklemore explained, reportedly admitted to police at the scene of the accident that he had a drink “awhile back.”

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When Macklemore dropped by 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC today (9/14) he explained the terrifying ordeal and the luck he feels graced with by being able to walk away unscathed. He also implored drivers to think of others on the road before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“We were lucky,” Macklemore told Shoboy and Nina. “I was driving my nephews home on Whidbey Island, a little bit outside of Seattle where my parents live, and we were about to hit the corner and a car came around going about 50. It was a turn that you needed to take at like 15.”

The “Glorious” rapper admitted that he had a brief moment of clarity just before the crash. “There’s just that split second of like, ‘I’m gonna die,’ — boom — and then you get hit. I thought the other guy was dead, everyone in my car was safe — my little 10-year-old nephew was using curse words that I didn’t know that he knew.”

“It was super scary, he was obviously drunk. There’s no way that anybody sober would have been driving that fast trying to make that turn. We were just lucky that the car that I was in was very much like a tank and took it very well — but if that wouldn’t have been the case I might not be here today.”

“It just reinforces how precious life is and how fragile it is at the end of the day,” he continued. “Take Uber’s, walk, take the bus — just don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it.”

Macklemore’s latest singles “Glorious” featuring Skylar Grey and “Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty are out now. His new album Gemini is set for release on September 22nd. The rapper will perform at CBS Radio fifth annual We Can Survive cancer benefit show at the historic Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, October 21.


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