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Singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha was one of the highlights of last weekend’s CBS Radio’s We Can Survive concert; she wasn’t on the bill, but joined G-Eazy on stage for their hit collaboration “Me, Myself and I.”

Before hitting the stage, she spoke to about the song.

“When I first wrote ‘Me, Myself and I’ it was with Lauren Christy, and it was on piano, and I knew it was something so special. Then I played it for G-Eazy in the studio and he heard it and he said, ‘We have to work on this!’ And it ended up becoming this massive record.”

She says that not all collaborations work out so well, though: “Collaborations are a funny thing in the music business, because you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve been in the room with a lot of other artists who have had a lot of hits, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But sometimes there’s a G-Eazy, or a Martin Garrix, with ‘In the Name of Love,’ and there’s a magic that happens. It’s like speed dating somebody. But when you get that perfect record, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

And she’s hoping that lightning strikes twice with G-Eazy, who she says will appear on her upcoming album, due in January.

“The song with G-Eazy is called ‘Forget Fake Friends,’ it’s about living in L.A. and kind of getting back-stabbed. But the first one coming out is called ‘I Got You’ and it’s about having someone’s back and being a ‘Ride or Die.'”

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