"I don't want to go missing for four years and be all mysterious."

By Brian Ives

Fans who attended CBS Radio’s We Can Survive concert over the weekend were fortunate to catch a energetic performance by Charlie Puth… particularly as he’s just cancelled the rest of his tour due to illness. As he told Radio.com before he hit the stage at We Can Survive, his tour had been going well, but he’s been a bit under the weather lately.

“It’s amazing, every show’s been sold out,” he said. “You know what’s crazy, I get on stage, I don’t even have to sing, they sing everything back to me. But unfortunately I had to cancel a week [of dates] because I got really, really sick, and I was on stage — there’s videos of it somewhere — it was in upstate New York, and I had just walked off stage because I was about to pass out.”

He’s been enjoying touring, which is still a new experience for him: “It’s fortunate that I’ve had a lot of hits this year, man, it really helps me… I’ve never really performed before, so this is all new to me, and it really helps me, like, having an album where everybody knows the words and they sing them back with me.”

He’s also looking forward to his next album: “Yeah, I’m writing on the road, I produce everything on my little laptop. It’s really just jotting ideas down. I don’t love traveling, but I write better when I’m traveling; when I’m uncomfortable, I write better music.”

“I’m going to put out an album a year, I don’t want to go missing for four years and be all mysterious. I want to be the people’s artist. I want to keep giving them music, so they can make memories and I can… pay off my house.”

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