"I didn't know young women could get breast cancer," Merschdorf, the CEO of Young Survival Coalition says.

By Brian Ives

As part of our We Can Survive programming, Radio.com is publishing a series of “Survivor Stories,” where we talk to breast cancer survivors — or their family members — about their battle.

Jennifer Merschdorf isn’t just the CEO of Young Survival Coalition, the non-profit organization which supports and educates about breast cancer in younger women. She’s also a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed when she was 36. “I didn’t know young women could get breast cancer,” she says.

For obvious reasons, she’s very passionate about Young Survivor Coalition’s mission: “YSC’s responsibility is to ensure [that women are] educated about their disease, educated on how to work through the medical system, and also so they know they’re not alone.”

The latter part of that is an important point: “We connect young women all across the country. And that’s one of the most important things: you can meet someone else who’s been through, or is going through, what you’re going through, and suddenly, it’s not as isolating.”

Now in its fourth year, CBS RADIO brings together today’s biggest artists and their fans in raising awareness about breast cancer. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for every ticket sold, $2 will benefit Young Survival Coalition. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and the second-most common cancer overall. For more information on We Can Survive, go to the show’s official website.

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