"I think I'll be saying goodbye for a little bit."

Radio.com Staff

Sam Smith deserves some time off. The British singer-songwriter has been on a brutal touring schedule since releasing his debut album, In The Lonely Hour, last year.

During an interview backstage at the We Can Survive concert in Hollywood Saturday, Smith confessed it’s time he took a break and stepped out of the spotlight for a while. The time off will allow him to develop a new album, but not before he remembers what it’s like to have a personal life.

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“I write songs all the time, says Smith. “Because when things happen to me romantically or in my personal life—I write music. But I’m also aware that I need to step away a little bit and rekindle some relationships with my family and my friends and just be a bit human again.”

Smith explains that at the end of the year, likely following his SNL performance with Disclosure and any holiday concert commitments he has, he intends to take a break and step out of the spotlight. “I think I’ll be saying goodbye for a little bit,” he says.

But Smith isn’t sad about taking time off. The singer lit up when asked if he’s looking forward the vacation. “I am. Just being able to drink and and just go and kiss loads of people will be great.” And, although he followed with a hearty laugh, we hardly think he’s kidding.

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