By Annie Reuter

A 10-year-old Maroon 5 fan’s dreams were made on Monday (March 2), when he met Adam Levine before the band’s show at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

Levine learned of super fan Christopher Robert Warner after his special education teacher uploaded a video of Warner, who has Down syndrome, working on a school project showcasing his love for the band.

The three-minute clip shows Warner singing Maroon 5 songs at school, drawing pictures of the band and saying that he is Adam Levine’s No. 1 fan.

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“I am a special education teacher and Christopher is one of my students,” Warner’s teacher writes in the YouTube video. “He is an amazing boy who is just like any 10 year old with an interest in pop culture. He loves listening to Maroon 5. For his informational writing project, he chose to make a poster about the band. Every day, he works to earn breaks to listen to his favorite Maroon 5 songs. I told him we could make a movie so he could let Adam Levine know about his #1 fan. This was a collaborative effort from me, my co-worker Jay Hackett, and Christopher’s mother.”

The clip, which went viral and eventually was sent to Maroon 5’s camp, also shows Warner working on a school project about Maroon 5, singing karaoke of the band’s songs and a typical day at school for him with breaks to watch Maroon 5 videos.

According to Billboard, Warner panicked when meeting his idol and crouched down on the floor, trying to hide from Levine. Levine followed suit and laid down on the ground next to Warner.

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