By Kevin Rutherford

You know that mysterious “Track 5” on the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack? Looks like the mystery might have been solved.

MTV reports that Ariana Grande held a livestream yesterday (Oct. 28) and let a major bomb drop in doing so: that she recorded a song for the film’s soundtrack with Lorde and Diplo.

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Given that the tracklist for the album has already been released, only one song would fit that bill: “Track 5,” which was the only song on the album that did not have a name or its performers revealed.

Last week, Lorde tweeted that the song was not kept shrouded in mystery for “secrecy’s sake — it’s just not quite finished.”


In her livestream, Grande called the song “interesting” and “very different.”

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She also reportedly revealed that she’ll be releasing a new single for the holiday season that Grande said is “sort of about being fed up with Santa because he doesn’t necessarily pull through all the time.”

The Lorde-curated Hunger Games soundtrack for the third film in the young adult series’ four-film franchise is out Nov. 15, followed by the film’s release on Nov. 21. It’ll feature Kanye West, Charli XCX and the Chemical Brothers, among others. The final film is expected next November in 2015.




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