By Marissa G. Muller

Snoop Dogg has made more headlines this year for his antics than his music, but expect that to change soon.

After trickling out a couple of novelty tracks — “WFTV Millionaire” and “Bishop Gorman Move Them Chains” — Billboard has reported that Snoop is the latest signee to Pharrell Williams‘ I Am Other imprint, which is a subsidiary of Columbia Records.

I Am Other confirmed the news on its Instagram account, with a picture of Snoop and Pharrell shaking hands.

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“Snoop Dogg’s new album is produced entirely by Pharrell, and will feature Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder,” text on the photo announced, with an accompanying caption: “We’re speechless too.”

His new and currently untitled album will mark his first return to rap since 2011’s Doggumentary. It will also follow up his reggae phase as Snoop Lion, where he traveled to Jamaica and embedded himself in Rastafari culture. The latter is a period that inspired the Diplo-produced Reincarnated, which debuted at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart.

Snoop has said that his next rap album will be his last, though it’s unclear if that’s still the case — and if this Pharrell-produced record will be that album.

The news comes as a much-needed respite from controversy for the rapper. This week he was embroiled in a spat with Iggy Azalea after poking fun at the Australian rapper on his Instagram page. A war of words escalated between the two — Snoop with some of the more harrowing comments — before T.I. apparently called him and got him to apologize.

“I apologize,” he said in an Instagram video. “Yeah, I apologize. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”




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