Taylor Swift is Drowned By Cats, Premieres New Song ‘How You Get the Girl’ in Diet Coke Ad: Watch

By Kevin Rutherford

You wanna see Taylor Swift play with cats, drink Diet Coke and premiere a snippet of a new song? Of course you do. C’mon.

In a new ad for Diet Coke released today (Oct. 15), Swift, along with a feline companion, are found playing around in their living room — when suddenly, because Diet Coke has this power, her cats start multiplying.

Every girl’s dream? Maybe every guy’s? Perhaps.

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Eventually, Swift slowly sinks into a suffocating pile of kittens as an advertisement for new album 1989 while her cat Olivia Benson is displayed onscreen.

In the background, a new song from that album — reportedly “How You Get the Girl” — plays. The song is rooted in acoustic guitar with a bright, poppy melody.

1989 is out Oct. 27. It’ll also include the singles “Shake It Off” and the newly released “Out of the Woods.”


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