By Shannon Carlin

Wondering where¬†Ariana Grande‘s been for the last few days? Well, she’s been hiding in Ellen DeGeneres’ bushes since last Friday. Yeah, we’ll explain.

DeGeneres has a new game on her show called “Who’s In My Bushes?” where the host and a member of the audience try to guess who is hiding in the bushes. This time around the special mystery guest was Ms. Grande.

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Doing some indiscernible accent (Was it Indian? Middle Eastern? We don’t know!) Grande let the audience know she does not like toast, she only wears Ellen Degeneres panties and the kicker, her last name is the size of a drink at Starbucks.

When she came out of the bushes, Grande offered the fan a ticket to her upcoming winter tour, which kicks off February 25 in Kansas City, MO. Clearly, Ariana’s no diva if she doesn’t mind hiding in someone else’s bushes.







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