By Marissa G. Muller

Ariana Grande knows that sometimes the best way to deal with rumors is to laugh them off. After reports surfaced that the budding pop star refuses to have the right face photographed, Grande makes a joke out of the whole thing—at least on camera—in the promo for her upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance this weekend (Sept. 27).

Standing alongside actor and episode host Chris Pratt, Grande embracingly lets the camera zoom in on the right side of her face as the two exchange disses, with Pratt joking that he works out to the singer’s songs and she firing back that the actor’s movies put her to sleep.

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They also filmed another take where Pratt mistook Grande’s heritage as Hispanic (she’s Italian).

The pair are the guests on tomorrow night’s Saturday Night Live 40th season premiere, so hopefully we’ll get to see even more of Grande’s jokes—and all of her sides.

Perhaps, if all goes well, Grande will come back to SNL to host the show herself. At that point, we’ll be able to add an entry for her to our definitive ranking of every musician who’s hosted the sketch comedy show.




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