By Courtney E. Smith

There are so many ways Pharrell is getting his hands on the NBA 2K15 video game.

He’ll be the game’s soundtrack curator, but Pharrell dropped the news on Instagram that his face is getting involved, too.

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“#YourTimeHasCome to meet me in @2K #NBA2K15,” he posted. “New face scan technology will make it possible for us to meet face-to-face in one scene.”

The post was accompanied by a sample video that shows what animated Pharrell will look like in-game. His character will be able to meet, greet and compliment your players.

So if you were ever looking for Pharrell’s respect and acceptance, now’s your chance. Kind of.

The NBA 2K15 soundtrack album is available to stream now. The game, including Pharrell in animated form, drops on Oct. 7.


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