By Kevin Rutherford

Taylor Swift revealed a great number of things on her Yahoo livestream — her new song, new album and album’s release date among them.

But just when it seemed like we’d reached maximum Swift, the singer unleashed one last surprise at the end of the stream: the music video for “Shake It Off,” her new single, had been shot two months ago and would premiere that very night.

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“Shake It Off”‘s premiere included the singer dancing and prancing throughout the livestream’s studio, so it’s only fitting that the music video for the song features an equivalent amount of jiving.

In fact, that’s pretty much the entire premise of “Shake It Off” is: dancing. And Swift does it with all kinds of folks and in a million different dresses. There’s the ballerina getup, the cheerleader, the Gaga-esque futuristic shot, the hip-hop video — you name it, Swift dances it.

The video is for the first single off 1989, Swift’s fifth album and first since 2012’s Red. The album will be available Oct. 27 in stores.

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