By Philip Cosores

Some jokes are so multi-layered, it is hard to tell what the punchline is.

Such is the case with The Gregory Brothers‘ version of the Iggy Azalea/Rita Ora hit “Black Widow.”

The Gregory Brothers, know for their hilarious series Auto-Tune the News, switch “Black Widow” from a minor chord to major, which would be funny enough. But the video also adds in bluegrass as the genre of choice.

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And they play it on a porch, because that is where you play bluegrass, duh.

A stomp or a clap might have been a nice touch. Just sayin’.


“What if a black widow was a friendly, nice spider, that helped you along on your journey on earth?,” The Gregory Brothers wrote on YouTube. “If Black Widows were nice spiders, then maybe instead of being a minor girl-power jam, Iggy Azalea’s latest track would’ve been an upbeat, happy, bluegrass jam.”

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