By Shannon Carlin

Taylor Swift is keeping her fans on their toes.

On Monday (Aug. 4) she released the first clue—a Instagram video of her pushing an elevator button to the 18th floor—that had us asking, “What is significant about the number 18? And an elevator button? And the fact that said button appears not to be working properly?”

In the end, we (and probably all of her over 42 million Twitter followers) assumed it was Taylor’s way of letting us know she was going to make a big announcement about the follow-up to 2012’s Red very soon.

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Now she’s shared a second clue, that is leaving us with more questions than answers.

The photo is a screenshot of her adorable Scottish fold kitten, Olivia Benson, sitting on a bookshelf, taken at 5 o’clock.

But look around and you’ll see little things here and there which might give things away, like that old school Polaroid camera and boxes of film and that watercolor painting of New York City that seems to feature the message, “To beautiful friends, in a beautiful home.”

Most fans seems to think this means her new single drops on August 18 at 5 pm, which sounds plausible.

But, is the song about Law and Order: SVU or a murder ballad about some gruesome crime only Mariska Hargitay could solve? Or perhaps it’s about her new adopted home, New York City? Will she have us shaking like a Polaroid picture with this new track? Or does her tiny kitty have a guest spot on the track, á la Blue Ivy? Oh, how we wish she’d just tell us already!

Take a break from trying to figure out these clues to see Taylor in The Giver, out Aug. 15. But just a warning, she will not be seen singing. Tragic, we know.

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