"So, here's your first clue..."

By Radio.com Staff

What is significant about the number 18? And an elevator button? And the fact that said button appears not to be working properly?

All these burning questions and more arise from a single five-second video clip posted today on Instagram.

It would be no big deal, except for the fact that this particular account belongs to Taylor Swift.

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There’s an accompanying message, too, which simply reads: “So, here’s your first clue…”

Clue to what? A title or release date for Swift’s next album? A new single? The date of an upcoming awards show performance? She presses the button five times… no, wait, six. How does that factor into the clue? Let the games begin.

Swift’s fans have, as you can imagine, been going nuts on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, attempting to figure out what it all means.

“18 songs on the new album? The 18th of a month is the release date? 18 days from now? She’s clicking it when she’s already on the 18th floor… WHAT COULD THIS MEAN,” writes Instagram user ghallooosh. “Don’t tell me that your song will be called ” Broken elevator”,” writes another.

“The 18th letter is R – Roses (OMG)” chimes in user swiftieromano. Or, wait: “The tapping means T5 in morse code so my guess is that something from the new album will come out on the 18th,” writes snappleswift. “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS!” moans bean1596?

Several users brought up the opening line from Swift’s earlier hit “Ours”: “Elevator buttons and morning air/ Stranger silence makes me wanna take the stairs….”

All this is good fun, and Swift fans wouldn’t want it any other way (right?). What we do know, however, is that Swift has been in the studio wrapping up her fifth studio album, and she will likely release something later this year. That could very well fit in with the fact that she pushed the elevator button five times — unless it was six, in which case, who knows?

Stay tuned — more clues are sure to come.

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