By Kevin Rutherford

Not long after releasing the single for the world to hear, T.I.‘s “No Mediocre” now has a visual, too.

Last night (June 17), the rapper premiered the new video, set in Brazil, but it’s not any sort of World Cup video — sort of. Instead, he focuses on the ladies of Rio and elsewhere — all the while repeating the song’s catchy refrain that he “don’t want ’em mediocre.”

Though it’s not a soccer-themed video, it’s safe to say that its release around the time the World Cup visited Brazil is no coincidence. The clip has scenic shots of the country interspersed within while T.I. goes on the prowl for one of the girls that isn’t below his otherworldly standards.

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Oh, and there’s a soccer game, too. An impromptu game of guys vs. gals ends in defeat for the former. Are these ladies outside the realm of mediocre? It’s seeming so. Or maybe T.I.’s just really bad at soccer.

Iggy Azalea pops up to make her cameo in the video, but she doesn’t get much to do, instead strutting through the streets and tossing out some dance moves before it’s back to T.I., this time in some oceanside villa surrounded by purportedly non-mediocre ladies.

“No Mediocre” is the new single from the rapper’s upcoming Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Out on Grand Hustle/Columbia, the record is scheduled for release sometime in 2014. In the meantime, he’ll attempt to fend off the current feud into which he’s locked with Azealia Banks. The duo, along with T.I.’s wife Tiny, had quite the words for each other yesterday, Banks eventually threatening to sue.

Meanwhile, Azalea will attempt to hold onto the No. 1 spot in America for the third week in the row today with her song “Fancy.”

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