By Kevin Rutherford

What is friendship? Is it bailing another out of jail? Is it sitting in said jail cell with your friend, confident that whatever you did was literally the best decision ever? How about making your bestie a needlepoint with a Drake lyric?

Taylor Swift decided to go for the latter in expressing her friendship with Ed Sheeran, as evidenced in an upcoming special on MTV that follows Sheeran. 9 Days and Nights features the British singer-songwriter showing off some of his prized possessions, including some stitch work from Swift that chronicles their rise to the top as only Drake could orate.

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The needlepoint includes Swift and Sheeran climbing some stairs. “The struggle is real,” Sheeran laments in a quote beneath said stairs while both talk about things important to the duo — “Legos,” Sheeran says; “Cats,” counters Swift.

Courtesy MTV

Courtesy MTV

Surrounding the stair image is, in large words, some wisdom from Drizzy: “Started from the bottom,” it reads, “now we’re here.” Drake’s name is added to the end if you weren’t sure who said it.

Naturally, once received, Sheeran decided to frame the needlepoint and hang it on his wall. A small photo placed within the frame of the duo includes the word “swaggin,” because why wouldn’t it?

“But I thought everyone does this?” Swift later tweeted when news of her handiwork leaked out onto the Internet.

“Nah, just you,” Sheeran replied.

9 Days and Nights premieres on MTV tonight (June 10) at 11 p.m. ET.

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